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Packing List

Packing List

Whether this is your first time coming to camp or your tenth summer away from home, there is always a sense of excitement and nervousness when it comes to packing and making sure that one has the “right” amount of gear and clothing. We have written the following list as a guide and to help alleviate some of the stress that may go into getting ready for camp. Please do not hesitate to contact our camp office with any questions.

Some things to consider when shopping for camp:

  • Is this going to be the only time that your child engages in a particular specialty or this a lifelong passion?
  • Is your child still growing?
  • Will the shoes you buy in May no longer fit in August?
  • Can you borrow from a friend for a few weeks?

We do have the ability to wash clothes at camp in an emergency, so if your child runs low on clean clothes before camp-wide laundry day or needs to wash a sheet, we will be able to help them.  We provide laundry service for campers staying for multiple weeks.

There is an art not just to what you pack but how you pack for camp!  Camp will share resources and recommendations for packing for camp with families before the summer.  Most importantly, please label your children’s belongings with their first and last name, not just their initials. Camp is a busy and sometimes messy place and labels increase the likelihood your child’s belongings find their way back to your child. We have a lost and found, and encourage campers to check it often. Any item found around camp (at a program area, dormitory etc., is placed in the lost and found). At the end of camp we donate any items worth under $25 to a local charity. For the cost of postage paid by the family, we can mail back home items in our lost and found worth more than $25, for whom we can readily identify the owner.

Part I: General Camp Clothes and Items Needed at Camp for two weeks:

Clothing Quantity 
Short sleeve shirt 10-15
Shorts 4-5
Jeans/Pants 2-3
Sweatpants 2-3
Bathing Suits (no bikinis, tankinis are okay) 2-3
Winter Hat 1-2
Baseball hat or sun hat 2
Underwear 15
Socks 15
Sweatshirts 3-4
Long sleeve shirt 3-4
Warm Jacket 1
Pajamas 2
Shabbat Clothing (On Friday night, we invite everyone to wear clean, simple white clothing, such as a white shirt, blouse, or dress. On Saturday we dress in nice clean clothes of any color. Plan to dress in layers as the weather changes throughout the day.)
Polo, button down, or blouse (at least one white one for Friday night) 1-2
Khaki pants, shorts, modest skirt, or dress 1-2
Bottles of Sunscreen 2
Comb or brush 1
Toothbrushes 2
Toothbrush holder 1
Toothpaste/Floss 1
Shampoo/Conditioner 1
Soap bar and soap dish 1
Lip Balm 1
Feminine hygiene products, if applicable 1
Bedding and Linens
Warm, packable sleeping bag 1
Pillow case 2
Twin Sheets 2
Pillow 1
Bath/pool towel 3
Face towel 2
Laundry bag (labeled) 1
Shoes (please leave high heels at home)
Sneakers 1
Sandals (that secure around feet such as Tevas, Chacos, or Keens, but not Crocs) 1
Shower shoes (flip flops ok for showering) 1
Ritual Items
Tallit or tzitzit (after b’nai mitzvah) 1
T’fillin (after b’nai mitzvah) 1
Kippot (required for male-identifying campers at all meals and prayers, encouraged for everyone) 3-4
Water bottles (at least 20 oz. each) 2
Flashlight or headlamp (and batteries) 1
Envelopes, paper, postcards, stamps 5+
Pre-printed address labels or address book 5+
Pens or Pencils 3
Sunglasses (consider packing a strap if your child is in Ocean Exploration) 1
Daypack/backpack 1
Watch 1
Medication (see Medication Policy)  *
White t-shirt/s for tie-dyeing 1 or 2
Onesie pajama (for Havdallah on the beach) 1
Books or magazines 1
Camera, memory card, batteries 1
End-of-bed shoe organizer 1
Battery operated clock 1
Pocket sized tissues 1
B’nai mitzvah materials 1
Rain Jacket 1
Twin Blanket 1
Wetsuit 1
Quick-dry towel  1
Sun-protected shirt 1
Musical instrument 1
Climbing shoes 1
Toiletry caddy 1
Required for Ocean Exploration
Sun-protected quick-dry pants 1-2
Sun-protected quick-dry shorts 1-2
Required for Adventure sports
Sturdy sneakers (for hiking, rock climbing, and biking) 1

Things to remember:

  • Please bring one-piece bathing suits (no bikinis; tankinis are okay)
  • All footwear worn outside must be able to fully secure the foot. Flip flops and crocs can be used for the shower but not for walking around camp

Portable Electronics 

Each year we are asked whether a camper can bring a Kindle, Nook, iPod, or other device to camp. In order to deepen friendships within our intentional and immersive camp community and to connect with the sounds of nature, Camp Ramah in Northern California has a no-screen policy at camp in order to foster community and maintain a special camp environment. While we do encourage campers who are flying to camp to bring a cell phone for their travel day, all portable electronics are collected for the duration of the campers’ sessions. Having a break from electronic devices can be an incredibly enriching experience for your child!

Electronic games , DVD players, cell phones, tablets, e-readers and other electronic devices that connect to internet or cell service are not allowed. While we discourage campers from bringing MP3 players, we understand that some rely on these devices to relax or to learn their Bar Mitzvah portion. Feel free to reach out to camp staff to answer any questions about how to best prepare your child for camp in regards to electronics or any other subject.

Please note that Camp Ramah in Northern California assumes no responsibility for your children’s electronics, unless they are turned in to the office on the first day of their session. Any MP3 players, kept by campers for their use in their rooms is solely at their own risk.  


Campers need only bring a small amount of spending money if they are traveling without their parent or guardian to camp. The only items a camper may buy during their time at camp are treats at the airport on travel days and camp gear. We do not operate a ‘canteen’ at Camp Ramah in Northern California for snacks or supplies. Fresh fruit and other snacks are freely available throughout the day.

We sell camp sweatshirts, sweatpants, onesies, kippot, and hats. Campers will be sent a T-shirt before camp begins that they should wear on travel days. There is no need to bring money on any excursions, as all meals and snacks are provided by camp. If you would like to authorize your camper to use your credit card on file to purchase regalia items, please contact our office manager during the summer at or (415) 688 4572 x0.