Facilities | Camp Ramah Northern California


Our summer home is Monterey Bay Academy (MBA), a boarding school located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Northern California. MBA’s 380-acre campus has its own one-mile stretch of private beach that offers a picturesque setting for the ultimate camper experience.

Facilities at MBA include:

  • Modern dorms with bathrooms on each hall
  • Private beach front
  • A heated outdoor pool
  • A large indoor gym with three basketball courts and numerous outdoor playing fields
  • 500-seat performing arts center with music studio
  • Outdoor amphitheater and fire pit

The campus is located between Santa Cruz (15 miles away) and Monterey (30 miles away). The closest major airport is San Jose International Airport, located 45 miles away from camp.

Dorm Life

Campers are grouped into “bunks” in our dorm hallways based on age and gender. These halls become the groups with which the campers will interact for most of the session (similar to a bunk or cabin at traditional camp). Counselors live on each hall in rooms adjacent to their campers to supervise, mentor and engage their campers throughout the day, both when in the dorm and when at activities.

All campers are assigned to rooms of 4-6 campers, depending on the room configuration of each dorm, and camper requests. Male and female campers live in separate buildings.

Campers clean their personal living space with the help of their counselors each morning. Professional cleaning crews will clean public areas (such as bathrooms and hallways) on a regular basis throughout the week.  Laundry service is provided for campers once per session.

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