Life at Camp | Camp Ramah Northern California

Life at Camp

Each day is a fun and dynamic adventure at camp.  On a normal day at Camp Ramah in Northern California, campers spend the mornings in their specialty tracks: B’toch Hayam (Ocean Exploration), Al Habama (Performing Arts), or Etgar (Adventure Sports), and the afternoons participating with their friends in exciting electives, including sports, swimming, dance, arts and crafts, and much, much more.  Additionally, during each session all campers participate on a masa, an excursion away from camp organized by specialty track, and then reunite for a fun Shabbat as a camp community.

The dorm building, or bayit, is the camp “house.”  Campers live in dorm rooms with bunkmates of similar age. There are communal bathrooms with separate shower areas on each floor, hang-out spaces, a large communal lounge and of course counselors!  

You will never be bored at camp!  Our sample schedule gives a glimpse of the joyful days you will experience with us.

Sample Schedule

7:00amWake Up!
7:30amBreakfast and prepare for the day
8:30amTefillah: Experience the wonders of the morning through prayer, meditation, and gratitude by the sea
9:45amSpecialty tracks: dive into the magic of ocean exploration, performing arts, and adventure sports
12:45pm Lunch with shira (singing)
1:30pmSha’at Menucha:  Chill time in the bunks
2:30pmElective activities (activities may include swimming, soccer, basketball, volleyball, horseback riding, art, photography, dance, frisbee golf, music, biking, climbing, tallit making, and cooking)
7:00pmRipples:  come together as a bunk with counselors for reflection, ritual, and fun to positively impact the people and world beyond ourselves
7:30pmPeulat Erev: Exciting Evening Activity
9:00pmLailah Tov:  Bunk Time and Bedtime

Want to learn more about what is is like to be a camper at Camp Ramah in Northern California?  Come to one of our information sessions or Contact Us with questions.