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Legacy Giving

Vision for Support

What will your legacy be? By including Camp Ramah in Northern California in your will, trust, retirement account, life insurance policy, or estate plan you will forever be remembered as a devoted supporter of Ramah!

Jewish tradition is built upon the premise that we are today, the ambassadors of Jewish continuity for generations to come.  From our ancestors Abraham and Sarah forward, we have sought to follow a path of mindful investment that ensures that our children and grandchildren can learn and develop to “be a blessing” for their families, their communities, and for the world.

Please consider joining other Legacy donors today by completing a Letter of Intent. Legacy donors are also invited to provide testimonies describing the role Ramah plays in their family. This is another way to show how you have become the promise of one generation to the next, ensuring the vibrancy of Camp Ramah in Northern California.

Camp Ramah in Northern California is proud to be a participating organization in the LIFE & LEGACY® Program, in partnership with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

Why Leave a Legacy?

Camp Ramah in Northern California Case Statement

At Camp Ramah in Northern California, Jewish children and teens are immersed in an inclusive, welcoming, and joyful environment that provides space for them to explore their formative and enduring Jewish identities. Here, they build lifelong friendships that become their foundation of support through the years. Camp Ramah fosters today’s campers to become tomorrow’s Jewish changemakers, spreading the impact of camp to their families and to the broader community. 

Camp is the vehicle through which campers and camper families become enveloped in Jewish living and strengthen lifelong Jewish learning and practice. Camp Ramah gives voice to Conservative Judaism in, and beyond, Northern California. As a gateway to Jewish engagement, we nurture future community leaders through transformative ritual moments, love of Israel, and our specialty programming that taps into campers’ passions within an enriching Jewish framework.  

Our legacy donors are people like you who believe that camp is a powerful way to transmit Jewish values and traditions, from generation to generation. 

Your legacy gift ensures that the impact of Camp Ramah is limitless.

Please join us!

How Can I Learn More?
For more information, please contact Camp Director Geoff Menkowitz at geoff@ramahnorcal.org or 415-688-4572.

Thank You to Camp Ramah in Northern California Legacy Donors

  • Mark & Gila Abelson
  • Irene Abrams
  • Rabbi Josh Berkenwald & Dr. Dana Romalis
  • Daniel Bernstein & Leslie Steinway
  • Rabbi David and Carol Booth
  • Madeline Chalef and David Arfin
  • Reba Cohen
  • Betty Denenberg Adler
  • Deborah & Louis Gonzalez
  • Rabbi Marvin Goodman & Deborah Kelman
  • Jeff Halbrecht
  • Taffy Hoffman
  • Deborah Kanner
  • Jeff & Rabbi Susan Leider
  • Rabbi Shelly & Lorri Lewis
  • Mark & Adele Lieberman
  • Warren & Laura Mazer
  • Geoffrey & Elana Menkowitz
  • Craig Miller & Jacqueline Shelton
  • Drs. Irene & Stephen Moff
  • Dr. Richard & Janis Popp
  • Tara & Jay Reisbaum
  • Paul & Sheri Robbins
  • Loren & Robyn Shalinsky
  • Monica & Scott Shapiro
  • Rabbi Sarah Shulman & Nate Bankirer
  • Sandy & Esther Stadler
  • Reuven Taff
  • Laura & Hugo Wildmann
  • Joel Youngheim
  • Diane and Howard Zack
  • Karl & Sheri Zeff
  • Roberta Zucker
  • Anonymous (6)