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Travel Information

2021 Camper travel information coming soon.
(January-February 2021)

—Archived Travel Information from 2020—

There are multiple ways to travel to/from camp in 2020. You can drive your camper to/from camp, you camper can fly to/from San Jose International Airport, or your camper can take a shuttle bus to/from Wornick Jewish Day School in Foster City or to/from San Jose International Airport Terminal B.

For those who will be flying to camp, we have suggested flights in our arrival window of 9:30am-12pm at SJC. We have also suggested flight from SJC during our departure flight window from SJC at 12pm-4pm. If you cannot find a flight into/from SJC during our travel window, we kindly ask that you email our Director of Communications, Ari Friedman at to coordinate alternative transportation plans.

Flights to Camp:

Departure AirportArrival AirportAirlineFlight #Departure TimeArrival Time
Los AngelesSJCSouthwest60369:20 AM10:40 PM
SeattleSJCAlaska3387:35 AM9:49 AM
San DiegoSJCSouthwest55048:40 AM10:10 AM
Las VegasSJCDelta41609:45 AM11:15 AM
PortlandSJCAlaska4088:00 AM9:45 AM
DenverSJCUnited56288:15 AM9:56 AM
PhoenixSJCSouthwest15289:35 AM11:25 AM
New YorkSJCDelta6438:15 AM11:36 AM
NashvilleSJCSouthwest58667:40 AM10:15 AM
Washington DCSJCDelta2086, 6436:05 AM11:36 AM

Flights from Camp:

Departure AirportArrival AirportAirlineFlight #Departure TimeArrival Time
SJCLos AngelesSouthwest17841:20 PM2:40 PM
SJCSeattleDelta17132:05 PM4:17 PM
SJCSan DiegoAlaska34782:35 PM3:59 PM
SJCLas VegasSouthwest9711:35 PM2:55 PM
SJCPortlandSouthwest54891:50 PM3:30 PM
SJCDenverSouthwest58414:00 PM7:25 PM
SJCPhoenixSouthwest83:55 PM5:45 PM
SJCNew YorkDelta814 & 22142:00 PM12:24 AM +1
SJCNashvilleSouthwest56683:00 PM9:15 PM
SJCDC AreaUNited1499 & 11401:00 PM11:51 PM