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Travel Information

2021 Camper Travel Information

For Summer 2021, local families will be dropping off their campers directly at camp to ensure a smooth and safe intake process. We appreciate your flexibility with the changes we feel necessary to implement this year in our travel procedures due to COVID-19. We will be sending out detailed travel and drop off information closer to the start of the summer to all enrolled families.
For campers out of the area and within driving distance to camp, we recommend also dropping off your campers at camp whenever possible. We also recognize and are proud of the geographic diversity of our camp community. For those who will be flying to camp from out of the area, we have listed suggested flights in our arrival window of 9:00am-12:00pm into San Jose airport (SJC). We have also suggested flights from SJC during our departure window from SJC of 1:00pm-4:00pm on the final day of each session. We ask that you only book flights within this travel window to guarantee that our staff can provide transportation for your camper(s) to and from camp. If you cannot find a flight to/from SJC during our travel window, we kindly ask that you email Ari Friedman at to coordinate alternative transportation plans.

Flights to Camp:

Departure AirportArrival AirportAirlineFlight #Departure TimeArrival Time
Los Angeles (Burbank)SJCSouthwest#19989:45 AM10:55 AM
SeattleSJCSouthwest#34467:40 AM9:50 AM
San DiegoSJCSouthwest#8109:00 AM10:20 AM
Las VegasSJCSouthwest#14969:45 AM11:10 AM
PortlandSJCSouthwest#1119:35 AM11:20 AM
DenverSJCSouthwest#251810:25 AM11:55 AM
PhoenixSJCSouthwest#36287:55 AM9:55 AM
New YorkSJCDelta#3278:15 AM11:58 AM
NashvilleSJCSouthwest#892/14966:35 AM11:10 AM
Washington DCSJCSouthwest#1002/32566:15:00 AM11:50 AM

Flights from Camp:

Departure AirportArrival AirportAirlineFlight #Departure TimeArrival Time
SJCLos AngelesSouthwest#35793:10 PM4:30 PM
SJCSeattleSouthwest#2043/19433:40 PM10:45 PM
SJCSan DiegoSouthwest#21533:50 PM5:10 PM
SJCLas VegasSouthwest#20433:40 PM5:05 PM
SJCPortlandSouthwest#11283:55 PM5:40 PM
SJCDenverSouthwest#25152:15 PM5:40 PM
SJCPhoenixSouthwest#19501:25 PM3:15 PM
SJCNew YorkSouthwest#2926/7831:00 PM11:00 PM
SJCNashvilleSouthwest#1950/31341:25 PM10:00 PM
SJCDC AreaSouthwest#2515/13012:15 PM12:10 AM+1