Staff FAQs | Camp Ramah Northern California

Staff FAQs

Where is Camp Ramah in Northern California?

Camp Ramah in Northern California is located in the La Selva Beach community along the shores of Monterey Bay in Northern California. The camp is about 20 minutes South of Santa Cruz and about 35 minutes North of Monterey by car. The closest major airport is San Jose International Airport.

How do I get to Camp?

Camp Ramah in Northern California is easily accessible by car from all Northern and Southern California locations. If you are flying, please secure a flight into San Jose International Airport if possible. Representatives from Camp Ramah in Northern California will be on hand to meet you and to bring you up to camp. If you plan on arriving by bus or train, please make arrangements to arrive at San Jose airport where representatives from Ramah will be waiting.

What is the weather like?

There are few camps that have as perfect of weather for summer camp activities as Monterey Bay in the summer! The temperature ranges from 50s to 80s throughout the day, often with light fog in the morning and sun in the afternoons.  

What are the accommodations for staff?

The majority of our staff live in dorm rooms with other staff member. Counseling staff live in rooms adjacent to the rooms of the campers in their age group. Our dorms are equipped with electricity, internet, bathrooms, showers, laundry, and staff planning and hang out spaces.

Camp Ramah in Northern California is Jewish camp, what does that mean?

Judaism is integrated into the fabric of Camp Ramah in Northern life, language, and culture.  Jewish staff engage in daily tefillot (prayers) as well as learning opportunities throughout the week. Shabbat is a special time at camp, in which the community comes together to celebrate, reflect, and play. While not all of our staff members are Jewish, we are one, cohesive community that works, grows, and has fun together.  

Will I get days off and free time?

To be an effective staff member, we believe everyone needs time to rejuvenate themselves. In order to ensure a happy, well-rested, and effective pioneering staff, all members of our tzevet receive time off throughout the summer.

What’s a typical day at camp like?

Sample Schedule

7:00am Wake Up!
7:30am Breakfast and prepare for the day
8:15am Tefillah: Experience the wonders of the morning through prayer, meditation, and gratitude by the sea
9:45am Maslulim/Specialty tracks: dive into the magic of ocean exploration, performing arts, and outdoor adventure
12:45pm  Lunch with Shira and Rikud (singing and dancing)
1:30pm Sha’at Menucha: Campers enjoy chill time in their rooms and hanging out with their counselors
2:30pm Elective activities (activities may include swimming, soccer, basketball, volleyball, art, photography, dance, frisbee golf, music, biking, climbing, tallit making, and cooking)
5:10pm Shower Time and Group Bonding
6:15pm Dinner with Shira and Rikud (singing and dancing)
7:00pm Peulat Erev/Evening Activity: Scavenger Hunt, Talent Show, Beach Bonfire and more!
9:00pm Lailah Tov:  Bunk Time and Bedtime for Campers
10:00pm  Staff Activities, Meetings and Surprises!
1:00am Staff Curfew: Rest up for another exciting day!

Throughout the week, there are camp-wide special days, fun staff evening activities and learning sessions, staff meetings, and surprises around every corner!