Nachshonim: The New Edah at Ramah Galim | Camp Ramah Northern California

Nachshonim: The New Edah at Ramah Galim

By Rabbi Sarah Shulman

We are thrilled to welcome incoming 11th graders to Ramah Galim in our new edah (age group), Nachshonim.  Meaning courageous ones, Nachshonim, comes from the biblical leader Nachshon ben Aminadav, who according to Midrash was the brave person who took the first step into the sea out of Egypt.  Our goal for Nachshonim is to build a program that provides an incredible culminating camp experience for our oldest campers while building individual and facilitative leadership skills that inspire campers for future roles on staff and beyond. 

Nachshonim spends their mornings delving deeper into specialty track programming around camp and their afternoons in fun leadership training and skill development, including First Aid training, Counselor-in-Training roles, Israel education, wilderness skills, individual camp projects and community service excursions!

And because it’s camp, there is plenty of time to hang out at the pool, connect with friends across the age groups, and experience the memorable bonding and ruach of camp.  Nachshonim is open to both new and returning campers entering 11th grade in the Fall.

We look forward to supporting our Nachshonim campers in forming their edah community this summer and to witnessing their leadership at Ramah Galim — from Yom Sport captains to Haftarah teachers each Shabbat!