Growing Jewish Leaders by Alana Tilman | Camp Ramah Northern California

Growing Jewish Leaders by Alana Tilman

The not so secret ingredient to a magical summer at Camp Ramah is the incredible tzevet, staff, who work tirelessly over the course of the kayitz to craft an amazing summer for all campers. Ramah Galim is proud and privileged that already at this point in the year, so many of our staff members are already committed to returning to camp in 2018. We’re grateful that these emerging Jewish leaders and educators share in our vision of creating a kehillah kedoshah , a holy community at Ramah Galim and are excited to spend their summers as live-in role models for our camp community.

Knowing that the tzevet play such a key role in a camper’s experience, staff training and staff development is one of our top priorities. Ramah Galim is fortunate to be part of a larger movement of Ramah camps who, for the past 60 years, have transformed the professionalism of camp training and creating year-round opportunities for our tzevet to grow as individuals, educators and leaders.

This weekend, Ramah Galim has the incredible opportunity to attend the annual Bert B. Weinstein Institute for Counselor Training taking place at Camp Ramah in Ojai, CA. Over the course of 4 packed days, over 150 Ramah staff members and year-round professionals will spend a powerful shabbat together as they reflect on this past summer, build new connections, deepen skills, and begin to get inspired for Kayitz 2018!

I’m thrilled to be joining a delegation of returning staff members to represent Ramah Galim for this fantastic program. Each staff member participates in various sessions and activities that provide them with the opportunities to feel part of the wider Ramah community, learn about best practices at camp, experience new initiatives to bring back to camp and, of course, share the highlights of what makes Ramah Galim such a unique and special camp experience.

2018 Rosh Edah Alli Moses shared with me today, “It’s so incredible being here as part of a wider Ramah Movement. As a new Ramahnik, I’m enjoying getting to learn from my fellow Tzevet members and sharing my experiences. It’s January and I’m already counting down the days until Camp!”

We’re all looking forward to an incredible weekend and can’t wait to share everything we learn this upcoming summer on the beach at Ramah Galim. We can’t wait to see you there!

Shabbat Shalom,

Alana Tilman

Assistant Director, Camp Ramah in Northern California