Ari Friedman’s Top 5 Reasons To Work At Ramah | Camp Ramah Northern California

Ari Friedman’s Top 5 Reasons To Work At Ramah


  1. You can wear many different covas, hats, covas*: For the past several summers I have held a wide variety of positions at camp. These have included maintenance, counselor, lifeguard, waiter, and sgan rosh edah. Camp is a great place to try different roles that interest you and expand your skills.
  2. The yam, ocean, yam: Everyday at Ramah Galim is a day to see the Pacific Ocean, bury your feet in the sand, swim in the waves, and see the amazing wildlife that exists in the Monterey Bay.
  3. Haverim, friends, haverim: Each summer is filled with memories and friendships that last a lifetime. Camp has given me friends all over the world so no matter where I go, I am always close to a Ramahnik.
  4. Masa, Journey, masa: During the summer, hanichim (campers) and tzevet (staff) participate in masaot based on their specialty track. These experiences allow us to step outside of our comfort zones, try something new, acquire new skills, and build transformative relationships.
  5. Kehillah, community, kehillah: At camp we create a community that enables us to support on ourselves, our campers, and our Judaism. The weeks we spend at camp allow us to experience life with intention, surrounded by like-minded individuals.    


Ramah has had a profound impact on my life and my wish is that everyone who steps foot in our camp experiences the transformation and growth that I know is possible at camp. Camp is full of inspiration and motivation that has helped me reach my full potential. Everyone comes to camp for different reasons so I invite you to take a few minutes to think about what camp might mean to you and your family, and how you might incorporate Ramah Galim into your future. I can’t wait to meet the passionate staff who join me at camp next Kayitz!


Ari Friedman

Program Associate, Camp Ramah in Northern California

*This is one of the ways we teach Hebrew at camp – we sandwich the English translation between the Hebrew word we are teaching