COVID-19 Update #1- March 3, 2020 | Camp Ramah Northern California

COVID-19 Update #1- March 3, 2020

Dear Camp Families,

We know that you are all concerned with the global spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and wanted to let you know what we are doing to prepare for the coming season. As always, your children’s safety remains our top priority. We hope to update you on a regular basis as more information becomes available.

Camp Ramah, together with all of our partners in the summer camp industry, is planning to operate fully this summer. We are maintaining ongoing communication with our medical committees, led by physicians and in consultation with infectious disease specialists. We will follow any protocol that they, the CDC, and our local health departments recommend.

Some areas of camp which could potentially be impacted by the current coronavirus include:

  • Out of camp trips: Some of our trips, especially those to major population centers (public venues, city centers, college campuses) may not be advisable and will be reviewed closer to the summer;
  • Guests: We reserve the right to cancel guest visits or to require extra screening;
  • Infirmary Operations: We plan to create multiple venues for our infirmaries at camp, so that campers taking daily meds, or experiencing minor injuries, do not need to wait with those presenting with symptoms of the cold or flu;
  • Pre-camp screening: We will be extra careful in screening for pre-camp illness, and may require campers or staff members with flu-like symptoms to be symptom free for two weeks prior to arriving at camp;
  • Sanitary practices: We will increase the frequency of the cleaning and sanitizing of kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and sleeping facilities.

We will continue to update you throughout the late winter and spring as the coronavirus further impacts daily life.

We thank you for your trust in us and look forward to another amazing summer of fun and learning, all while keeping our communities safe and healthy. Together we send out our prayers to those families who have been affected by the coronavirus.

Rabbi Sarah
Rabbi Sarah Shulman
Executive Director, Camp Ramah in Northern California