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Camp Ramah in Northern California Enrollment Policies


Campers who are entering 3rd-10th grade are eligible to attend any 2, 4, or 6-week session. Campers entering at least 7th grade are eligible to attend our 4-week intensive sessions (Surf, Scuba, Mountain Biking, and Dance). The Nachshonim Leadership Development Program, for rising 11th graders, is a required 4-week minimum experience. The Ta’am, “Taste of Ramah” program, is a one-week introductory program for new campers who are entering 3rd or 4th grade.

Camp is a group living experience. Therefore, all campers must be able to participate cooperatively, be of good character, be respectful and responsive to staff members and be independent enough to be away from home. 


All camper families will be asked to complete an application. Once the application is completed and received, the family will be contacted by a member of our team regarding the application status.

By submitting your camper’s application, you are accepting responsibility for payment of the full tuition for your camper’s enrollment. Campers will be considered enrolled once their deposit has been received and their application has been approved by our team.

Occasionally it is determined that Ramah Galim is not the right fit for a child. If this should happen, the family will receive a full refund of the camper’s deposit and tuition. 

For returning families: Your application will be processed once all past due balances have been paid. 


A refundable deposit is required with your camper application. Upon acceptance, the deposit or tuition payment in full will be applied to tuition, and you will be required to pay the balance of tuition due according to the “Payment Option” you select on your application. 

Full payment of all fees is due by May 1, 2024. In order to attend Camp, all fees must be paid in full before the session begins. We cannot make exceptions to this policy without written prior arrangements with the Camp. 

2024 Tuition Deposit
All deposits will be applied to Camp tuition. 

6 Week Full Season $1,000
4 week Session $800
2 Week Session $800
1 Week Session $400

Tuition includes registered program expenses, a Camp t-shirt, and transportation from one of the designated local shuttle stops.

Session & LengthDatesEntering GradesPriority Enrollment
Apply By
August 31, 2023
Early Enrollment
Apply By
November 30, 2023
Full Tuition
Six Week Experience (41 Days)June 18-July 303rd-11th$10,100$10,300$10,500
Four Week Aleph (27 Days)June 18-July 153rd-10th$6,950$7,100$7,250
Four Week Bet (27 Days)July 3-303rd-11th$6,950$7,100$7,250
Two Week 1 (14 Days)June 18-July 13rd-10th$3,700$3,775$3,850
Two Week 2 (13 Days)July 3-153rd-10th$3,700$3,775$3,850
Two Week 3 (14 Days)July 17-303rd-10th$3,700$3,775$3,850
Amitzim (14 Days)June 18-July 13rd-12th$3,700$3,775$3,850
Ezra Vocational Program (14 Days)June 18-July 118-26 yrs$3,700$3,775$3,850
Taste of Ramah (7 Days)July 17-233rd-4th$1,825$1,875$1,925
Optional Scuba CertificationJune 18-July 307th-11th$1,000

Paying by e-check is free of charge for all our camper families.

Credit Card
Paying by credit card includes a 3% convenience fee that will be added at the time of your tuition payment charge. 

If you have questions regarding tuition, please email or call 415.688.4572.


In the event that camp cannot open for kayitz (summer) 2024, all families will again be eligible for a full refund of their deposits and registration fees.

If camp opens but it is not medically safe for your child to attend (due to his/her health or a family member’s), you will be able to cancel your child’s enrollment and receive a full refund. COVID-related medical information will be required in one of our pre-summer forms. If your camper or a family member has an underlying medical condition that puts them in a high risk category, please be in touch with us so that we can work with your family and your medical professionals to determine an appropriate plan for camp as well as a decision-making timeline.

Full cancellation will be subject to the following non-refundable, non-transferable fees. 

On or before the last day in February 2024    None
March 1, 2024 – April 1, 2024 Full Deposit
April 2, 2024 – June 1, 2024 50% of Tuition
After June 1, 2024 Full Tuition


There is no tuition refund for voluntary withdrawals after June 1, 2024. 

If a camper is dismissed for a behavioral infraction there will be no refund. In the event any camper is dismissed involuntarily from Camp as a result of parent/ guardian failure to provide accurate or complete behavioral and/or medical information, there will be no refund. We cannot pro-rate tuition for campers who need to arrive late or who need to leave Camp before the end of the session. 

Campers who withdraw prior to a session for documented health emergencies will be eligible for a full refund. Campers withdrawn during the session for medical reasons will have a pro-rated portion of tuition refunded. 


Disclosure of all medical and psychological treatments, past and present, is required before a camper may be enrolled. Failure to provide full disclosure is grounds for rejection or cancellation of the application or immediate dismissal without refund. All medical forms must be completed and submitted prior to arrival at Camp and all campers are required to follow the Camp Ramah Immunization Policy as outlined in the Parent-Camper Handbook. 

Each camper must arrive in good health and all campers must agree to Camp Ramah in Northern California’s rules of behavior including those outlined in the Parent-Camper Handbook. 

Camp Ramah in Northern California reserves the right to dismiss a camper who does not adhere to the rules, who is a negative influence in the bunk or in the Eidah (Age Division) or whose needs for supervision exceed those that can be reasonably expected of Camp staff. Possession of alcohol, tobacco products and E-cigarettes of any kind (including Juul devices), illegal substances or related paraphernalia, fireworks, ammunition, weapons and/or pornography are not acceptable and will result in dismissal. Bullying, physical, social, sexual or psychological abuse are not tolerated at Camp Ramah in Northern California and will result in dismissal. Campers dismissed for violating Camp behavioral rules will be sent home at the parent’s expense. Destruction of Camp property, including graffiti, is forbidden and families will be held responsible for the cost of repairing damages in addition to a fine. Future enrollment will not be permitted until fines and expenses are paid. 


Campers at Ramah are immersed in Jewish living in a way that impacts their life outside of Camp. While a summer at Camp Ramah is rich in experiences, it is important to connect their experience over the summer to their life during the year. Participation in a program of supervised, formal Jewish learning to complement the summer is critical (day school, synagogue school, Hebrew High, online courses, etc). Therefore we ask that our campers commit to Jewish learning outside of the home beyond the summer. 

For those campers whose community does not sponsor a formal education program, a course of individual study may be arranged in consultation with your Rabbi or with the Director of Camp Ramah in Northern California.