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Camp Ramah in Northern California counselors and staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality camping experience for each and every camper.  Our exceptional staff is comprised of extraordinary, innovative specialists, Ramah alumni, and enthusiastic, caring role models who want to share their passion for Jewish learning and the outdoors with a new generation of campers. We handpick the highest quality staff to join our team and be apart of our supportive community. Our staff come from a diversity of backgrounds and are leaders in their communities. Before camp begins, staff participate in extensive training during our staff training week as well as workshops that continue throughout the summer. (see our general job descriptions at the bottom of this page for more information about individual roles at camp)

Ramah’s international reputation draws the finest specialists in art, dance, music, sports, marine biology, and Jewish studies from North America, Israel, and around the world.  Campers build skills, wisdom, and important relationships through their daily interactions with our talented staff and guest Rabbis and scholars.

Want to join us for a summer of creativity, fun, and Jewish community?  If you are interested in being a member of the Camp Ramah in Northern California 2018 Summer tzevet (staff), check out available staff positions and apply now!

Read through the Employee Checklist below to become familiar with our application process and pre-summer requirements for our summer camp tzevet. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

To DoWhenHR Process
Submit an online applicationOctober through
Applications will be reviewed as they are submit and interviews will be scheduled on a rolling basis. Interviews typically occur 2-4 weeks after submitting an application.
Schedule an Conversation/InterviewNovember through
After applying, applicants will be contacted via email to schedule an initial conversation. Applicants may be requested to schedule an interview after the initial conversation.
Accept Job OfferNovember through
Interviewed applicants will be contacted in the weeks following the interview regarding a potential job offer. Applicants should respond via email/CampMinder ASAP to accept or decline a job offer.
Sign Summer Contract ElectronicallyDecember through
Applicants will be provided a summer contract after accepting the job offer, which must be signed electronically on CampMinder. Applicants should sign the contract ASAP or within a week to secure their position.
Complete Employee formsJanuary through
Applicants will download copies of the forms that need to be completed from CampMinder. These should be completed well before the start of the summer and uploaded into CampMinder.  A physical signed by a doctor is required (see specific details in the staff handbook).
Upload certifications to CampMinder* (if applicable)November through
Lifeguards, Medical staff, and Leadership staff must send in copies of their current certifications at the time of the interview or immediately after accepting a position. Expired certifications need to renewed. Contact with questions.
Renew CPR, WFA, Lifeguarding and EMT certifications*January through
June (if applicable)
Lifeguards, Medical staff, and Leadership staff need to have updated certifications valid through August 2018. Contact with questions.
Attend Pre-Summer online Staff CallsOngoingStaff calls are designed to allow staff to get to know each other and the Camp Leadership as well as prepare for camp. (This is not designed to be a formal training)
Leadership (Hanhallah) On-site TrainingJune 7-12Training schedules will be shared with staff at the start of the summer. Trainings are position-based and mandatory for all staff.
Attend the Pre-Camp On-site TrainingJune 12-17Staff Training allows staff time to learn their responsibilities, bond, and prepare for the arrival of campers.  Training is mandatory for all staff (and fun!)
Welcome to your Summer office!June through AugustCamp begins!

Please note: We request that applicants submit an application to only one camp in the Ramah Camping Movement at a time as we want to ensure that all Ramah camp’s have the best possible staff each summer. If after applying, for a particular Ramah camp, a job is not offered, feel free to apply to another camp in the Ramah Camping Movement. 


See our general job descriptions below:

Operational Positions:
These positions work behind the scenes making sure our camp community can operate at its best

Camper Program Positions:
These positions work directly with and supervise campers, plan programming and operate as the face of camp. Their primary role is to ensure the safety and well being of campers, their specialty role, if applicable is secondary to their care and supervision of campers unless otherwise noted.

Please note that this is a general list of positions that we have at camp. All of our program positions get to work directly with campers creating an amazing summer while all of our operational positions work behind the scenes to ensure our camp community can be as successful as possible.  All positions and availability are subject to change based on the needs and requirements of our camp community at the discretion of our Camp Director.