Kayitz (Summer) 2021 | Camp Ramah Northern California

Kayitz (Summer) 2021

2020 has shown how camp is truly a gift to our children that inspires their hearts, minds, and souls Camp provides them with the safe space to develop as Jewish leaders and create life long friendships. This is why we are working diligently to offer a 2021 in person summer experience.

That being said, we recognize that our world continues to be drastically different from prior summers, and we want to make sure we keep our camper families informed in an open and honest manner with regards to how we are planning for a safe and thoughtful summer experience.

A Safe and Thoughtful Summer for 2021

Current Planning

We have opened enrollment with the plan to operate safely and thoughtfully at near-full capacity. We also recognize that there may be a need to adjust our systems and programming to ensure the safety of our camp community for 2021. We will communicate any changes to our planning as they arise.

If, in the event that we cannot safely operate in summer 2021, we would be likely to offer similar options that we offered our families this year. Withdrawals made before cancellation would be subject to our regular refund policy that can be found in the terms & conditions section of our online application.

We are working closely with our movement wide partners at National Ramah, our local county health agency, medical experts and many others across the camping world to plan for multiple contingencies as to how we will be able to operate camp in a safe, thoughtful manner that aligns with our values and creates a high quality summer experience for our camp community.

We recognize that our planning will continue to evolve as the world changes, and want to make sure that our families receive regular and open communication about our camp and how summer 2021 is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.