2017 Rashei Edah (Unit Heads) | Camp Ramah Northern California

2017 Rashei Edah (Unit Heads)

Miriam Lichtenberg – Rosh Nitzanim (3rd and 4th graders)

Though camp has been a part of Miriam’s life since she was eight years old, joining the Ramah Galim team will be Miriam’s first Ramah experience! She spent ten summers at Camp Nesher in the Poconos — 8 summers as a camper and 2 as a counselor — where she learned the joy and love of spending your summers at camp. For the past two summers, Miriam has worked as a counselor at the JCC in Manhattan, and this past summer she had an internship with the Jewish Theological Seminary as well.

Miriam is a proud graduate of Yavneh Academy, SAR High School, and Midreshet Ein Hanaztziv — a kibbutz in the north of Israel where she spent a gap year studying. Miriam is currently a rising junior at Barnard studying History and Philosophy. She is very excited to bring the skills she has acquired through her many camp experiences to the Ramah NorCal team!


Ilana Sandberg – Rosh Kochavim (5th and 6th graders)

Though she did not grow up in the Ramah camping movement, Ilana loves to call herself a Ramahnik, through and through. Ilana has dipped into a variety of programs through the Conservative movement including participating in and staffing USY summer programs, going on Nativ, attending List College of the Jewish Theological Seminary (in conjunction with Barnard College), and working at Ramah Nyack in New York before moving her summer home to Ramah Galim!

Ilana is currently studying abroad in Israel, taking a 5-month leave from her Jewish a cappella group (Pizmon). As a Nachshon Fellow in Israel, Ilana has the opportunity to enhance her Jewish leadership skills while soaking in the Jerusalem culture.

Ilana could not be more excited to return to the West Coast galim (waves) and the camp community she loves so much!


Jason Graf – Rosh Solelim (7th and 8th graders)

Jason Graf is finishing his second year in the Joint Program with the Jewish Theological Seminary and Columbia University studying Talmud and Psychology. At school, he is the Founder and President of the Hillel Outdoor Adventure Club which takes advantage of the great outdoors in and around New York City. He also is a staff member at the University Senate and in the rest of his spare time he teaches both in congregational schools and privately. Jason has spent the past three summers as a Tikvah counselor at Camp Ramah in Canada, and spent eight years previously there as a camper. However, this summer he could not be more excited to join the Ramah Galim family, taking full advantage of what the camp has to offer, especially Havdallah on the beach!


Jenna Turow – Rosh Bogrim (9th and 10th graders)

Jenna originated on the East Coast, in Maryland, before her recent move to Los Angeles. She grew up in Habonim Dror, at Camp Moshava, where she found her love for informal experiential education. She went to University of Maryland, where she graduated with a dual degree in English and Secondary Education. She worked as a high school English teacher before moving to LA to study at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies at American Jewish University.

Last summer, Jenna was the Rosh Edah for Bogrim, who were 8th and 9th graders, and she is excited to continue working with the same chanichim (campers), as they move into the new Bogrim for 9th and 10th graders. Jenna enjoyed teaching rikud (Israeli dance), and co-creating new Ramah Galim dances with other tzevet (staff) and chanichim.

During the year, Jenna goes to school and stays active in her local Jewish and social justice community. She is passionate about youth education, spirituality, and community. Jenna is excited to spend another summer making memories and building a kehillah kedoshah (holy community) at Ramah Galim!


Please enjoy this video introducing our 2017 Rashei Edah!