Marci Greenberg, Rosh Ocean Exploration | Camp Ramah Northern California

Marci Greenberg, Rosh Ocean Exploration

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Marci Greenberg is an experienced and vibrant educator both in Jewish education and marine sciences.  Marci spends her days  with sea otters, sea stars, and kids of all ages working as a dynamic marine educator at the Seattle Aquarium.  She also loves spending her afternoons and weekends as the b’nai mitzvah coordinator for Congregation Beth Shalom in Seattle.  Marci often combines her passions, and can be found leading havdallah on a dock, shema in the rain forest, making squid prints during a kashrut workshop, or searching for slugs on Shavuot.  With such a perfectly matched skill set, Marci is uniquely suited to lead our Ocean Exploration program this summer.

Marci lives in Seattle with her husband Dave and children Shai (17) and Pazia (13).  She couldn’t be more excited to make the trip down to the Monterey Bay to connect with new friends of all ages and species.